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TLC offers a complete & diverse afternoon program for middle & high school students. This stimulating program follows a school-based curriculum, as well as provides supplementary work to ensure the success and well-being of students. TLC offers a variety of classes that focus on developing and strengthening the core skills that will be assets to students’ study habits and academic careers.

Essay Writing


Students will learn to develop insightful and skillful essays, improve their critical thinking skills, and prepare for the SAT Writing portion.

Critical Reading


Students will work on reading comprehension, analysis, discussion, and reasoning skills, becoming better critical readers and thinkers.

SAT: Math / Verbal / Writing


Students will rigorously prepare for both math and verbal sections of the SAT exam, reviewing skills, strengthening core concepts, learning study strategies, and developing a personalized study plan for succeeding on the exam.

Math: Pre-Algebra / Algebra / Geometry / Algebra II / Pre-Calculus


Students will follow their school math curriculum, with additional supplemental materials to ensure academic success in all math subjects.



Students will learn to build strong arguments and refutations, research skills, and critical thinking skills in a fun and enriching atmosphere.

Small Group Tutor      


Students can receive individualized and special attention for help on homework or tutoring in all class subjects.

Book Club


Students will participate in reading and open discussion of books. Students will be encouraged to express different points of view and practice public speaking in an informal setting.

AFTER SCHOOL: Homework help class

  • Homework + Math & English Class
  • Friday Study Skills or Math Skills and Korean Class